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DPR to introduce social guarantees for Donbas militants

The DPR voted for introduction of social guarantees for the militants. From now on, they and their families will receive free medical care, treatment in resorts and hostels. In addition, all the militants will receive the status of a participant in military operations.

At the plenary session, the so-called People’s Council of the DPR passed the law “On the status of the member of the People’s militia,” Joinfo.ua reports referring to the separatist edition of DAN.

All 78 deputies taking part in the plenary session voted for the law.

“According to the document, the militants have the right to free quality medical care, annual free spa treatment and rest in boarding houses. The militants, who have become disabled as a result of the hostilities shall be treated as war invalids. Those directly participating in the hostilities obtained the status of a participant in military operations,” said Andrey Purgin, the chairman of the so-called People’s Council.

The speaker noted that family members of the killed and missing militants have the right to free vacation and medical care.

“The children of the soldiers, who were killed, are missing, or have became disabled as a result of participation in the hostilities, have the priority right of enrollment in military high schools and universities, provided they successfully pass the entrance examinations,” the politician added.

According to Purgin, family members of the people’s militia members are parents, spouses, children under 18, and children with disabilities since childhood, regardless of age. According to the speaker of the parliament, the law has no analogues in the world, as the circumstances that have led to its development, are exceptional.