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Russia fails to promote myth about NATO military expansion – expert

The Russian authorities constantly raise the topic of NATO 'expansion' only to justify their aggressive actions in the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian government is actively promoting the myth of NATO military expansion as a justification for the aggression in the east of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, Joinfo.ua informs with reference to Atlantic Council.

“When the infrastructure of a military bloc is moving toward our borders, it causes us some concerns and questions. We need to take some steps in response,” the Russian President Putin claims.

Therefore, Atlantic Council published the data that refute the statement of the Russian authorities. The infographic clearly shows how many NATO military are present in the region and the number of the Russian soldiers.

Even now, despite the request of allies in Eastern Europe, there is no major NATO infrastructure closer to Russia than what existed at the end of the Cold War in Germany, Italy, UK, and other Western allies. Russia on the other hand, maintains tens of thousands of troops in several of its neighbors. The infographic confirms the words of Alexander Vershbow, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, who said that “It is Russia that’s fabricating a NATO ‘threat’ to justify its aggressive actions and attempts to recreate sphere of influence.”


Earlier, we reported that Russia’s statements about the Alliance, supposedly building Iron Curtain in Europe, was nothing but a myth it used to justify its aggression.