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Russia threatens to deliver its ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Donbass next year too

The Russian convoys with allegedly 'humanitarian assistance' will be sent to the Donbas next year, too. It was announced by Yury Vorobyov, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council.

According to Vorobyov, this month there will be sent two so-called ‘humanitarian convoys’, and their delivery is scheduled for the following year, too, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Russian media.

He noted that the goods for the south-east of Ukraine are delivered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, but they are formed in verious regions of Russia. The preparation of the goods allegedly involves public organizations and individuals.

The Deputy Chairman added that senators monitor the compilement of the ‘humanitarian assistance’ for the militants of the Donbass, and “watch how the centers for receiving refugees from the south-east of Ukraine work, how they support refugees, how refugees set up in our country, what problems they have with this. ‘

“As long as there is a need to help people in the territory of the south-east, we’ll provide it. Unfortunately, the blockade on the part of those territories of Ukraine does not allow all social institutions to function normally,” Vorobyov concluded.

It should be recalled that on August 14, the Donbas militants will receive the next ‘humanitarian convoy’ from the Russian Federation. It will be the 35th ‘humanitarian assistance’ during the conflict in the Donbas. They promise to bring food and medicine, but the cargo will be checked by neither the Red Cross nor the Ukrainian customs.