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St. Petersburg revolts against Putin’s policy: activists hold rally against destruction of products from sanctions list

In St. Petersburg was held the action against destruction of the sanctions products. The rally was organized by the Democratic Petersburg movement.

On the page of the Democratic Petersburg movement were published the reports from the action against the destruction of products from the sanctions list, Joinfo.ua reports.

“We believe that the decision of the Russian authorities about the destruction of ‘antisanctions’ food at the border is a blasphemy and it borders on a crime, the statement posted on Facebook reads.  The action against the destruction of products and ‘antisanctions’ was held on the Nevsky prospect.

On a vintage black folding chair is a small wicker basket. On a sackcloth lie pieces of black rye bread. Nearby is a humble bunch of peas of gentle color. There is something self-sufficient and proper and true in this austere still-life. Three steps away is a commemorative marble plaque to еру Leningrad blockade survivors.

There are people on the Nevsky prospect. Ten printed posters were taken like hot cakes. Someone brought their own posters. Some volunteered to hand out leaflets and others were simply standing or walking nearby. There was no need for a voice message between the people, there was now need for lively discussion. In this place and in this town everything was clear without any words…

Destruction of products is, in fact, not about ‘panem et circenses’ (‘bread and circuses’) . This is a crime against the spirit, which saturates every inch of the Nevsky prospect and the surrounding area, each gateway. The spirit of respect for labor and human compassion to those who today are malnourished. It is the memory of those bread crusts, which were worth more than all the treasures of the earth, and the people that had gone through this hell, and those, who ever stayed in a hungry and cold hunger. Earlier, the Russian government approved the rules for destroying the prohibited food products. The relevant law, signed by the President Vladimir Putin, came into force on August 6. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, during the first day alone, in different cities were destroyed about 320 tons of food commodities. More than 300 thousand people have already singed the petition for the abolition of this bill,” activists say.