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U.S. should strengthen Ukraine and isolate rebel regions of Donbas – experts

The U.S. political analysts believe that in order counter 'Russian aggression' in Ukraine the U.S. government must strengthen defenses of Kyiv, isolate the rebel regions, and give a hint to Europe that its political solution to the crisis is wrong and impracticable.

According to the experts from Washington Post, nearly six months after Russia agreed to an immediate cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, its forces continue to shell and rocket Ukrainian positions on a daily basis. So far, any withdrawal of heavy weapons and forces specified in the agreement is off the table, the article reads. Referring to officials from Ukraine and NATO, the edition also claims that Moscow has built military bases and deployed 9,000 troops inside Ukraine and stationed another 50,000 just outside the border, Joinfo.ua reports.

The response of the West to this ‘aggression’ is only a small expansion of sanctions and Washington’s statement that from now on the American instructors will train not only the members of the National Guard of Ukraine but the Ukrainian military army as well.

But after a meeting in May between the Secretary of State John Kerry and Vladimir Putin the U.S. officials have insisted that the administration of Petro Poroshenko adopted constitutional changes and authorized elections that would ‘legitimize the authorities Russia installed in eastern Ukraine and grant the areas they occupy a special legal status.’ And last month, the newspaper writes, the Ukrainian Parliament ‘reluctantly’ endorsed these amendments.

In addition, since the signing of the Minsk 2, the attacks diminished, but never stopped, the article writes. According to Washington Post, ‘Russia and its proxies have never respected the cease-fire.’ And even if Moscow complied with the cease-fire, ‘the terms it seeks for reincorporating the areas it holds into Ukraine,’ would harm Ukraine’s ‘democracy and independence’ – which is ‘Mr. Putin’s goal,’ according to the article.

“Rather than legitimize Russia’s puppet entity, Ukraine would be better off leaving it isolated and forcing Moscow to sustain, as it does similar enclaves in Georgia and Moldova,” Washington Post writes in conclusion. In addition, according to the publication, the Obama administration, for its part, ought to be doing more to bolster Ukraine’s defenses. In addition, Washington should tell its European allies that a political solution that they are trying to force is “unworkable as well as wrong.”