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Russia and U.S. hold secret negotiations – foreign media

Senior Russian and U.S. military are conducting secret negotiations to reduce tensions between NATO and Russia. It became known from the sources in the European intelligence circles, according to the foreign reports.

With the approval of the Kremlin and the White House one of the capitals of Northern Europe hosts the talks between the military of Russia and U.S. The meeting is attended by high-ranking officers of the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Joinfo.ua informs referring to the Spanish edition.

The publications notes that the American side is ready to make concessions to Moscow regarding Ukraine in exchange for support of the new geopolitical structure in the Middle East the United States has promoted after the nuclear deal with Iran.

Reporters note that the Pentagon wants to put an end to the confrontation with Russia and get the support of Putin to stop the expansion of the Islamic state, as Washington is extremely concerned by the increase of the ISIS militants’ activity.

Sources in the European intelligence circles told the newspaper that U.S. intelligence agencies – the CIA, the National Security Agency, Military Intelligence Service – were actively cooperating with the Israeli Mossad intelligence service, which has comprehensive information on the political movements in the Middle East and is well versed in all the intricacies of the Islamic State.

Israel has anxiously watched as the regime in Iran was gradually becoming less hostile towards the United States. It has led to a complication of relations with Washington, which is a traditional ally of Tel Aviv. One of the effects of cooling relations was a significant reduction in the cooperation between the Israeli secret service and the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Also, the publication notes that in the coming weeks there may be seen the first signs of de-escalation of tensions between Russia and NATO, unless the secret negotiations are not disrupted.