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Alexander Lukashenko: Donbas will be Ukrainian, Kremlin already fed up with conflict

In an interview, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that eventually the Donbas would become completely Ukrainian, and the Russian leadership was already fed up with this conflict.

Time will pass, and even Donbas will be Ukrainian, as it is wished by the nationally oriented Ukrainian authorities. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko expressed such an opinion in an interview, Joinfo.ua informs referring to Euroradio.

“In Russia, everyone, especially the leaders, is fed up with the conflict in Ukraine. I do not believe that the Ukrainian leadership wants peace there tomorrow. It is necessary to be smarter and more cunning so that the Ukrainian border guards close the border. No one will forget it, but over time, everything will calm down. 30 million people were killed in World War II, and now we are friends with the Germans. Of course, a lot of time is needed, but we must do these steps. It will take time, and even the Donbas will be Ukrainian, as it is wished by the nationally oriented Ukrainian authorities. Meanwhile, the situation with Crimea is more difficult amd almost impossible,” said Lukashenko.

He also said that Russia would never fight with Belarus.

“Russia will never fight with Belarus. It will be a catastrophe for Russia itself. And you do not believe in it, I do not know why you’re writing that there is Ukraine, and we will be the next. Belarus is the only honest and respectable ally of the Russian Federation . Your trouble is that you do not know what happened in Ukraine and what is happening now. Mass media have created a trend of what is happening in Ukraine. I know the situation more deeply. They should not have put themselves on the line. Maybe tomorrow someone would want to cut a piece of Polesie. Can you imagine my reaction and reaction of our people? We would fight for every inch of our ground. I said Turchynov that if it was your land, then why you did not fight for it. Moreover, there was a lot of Ukrainian troops there. Why did not you fight? You admitted that it was not your land? There are too many intricacies and reasons that are not supposed to be discussed in public. But it does not mean that we do not discuss it in closed sessions,” said Lukashenko.