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Kremlin: OSCE Mission lies about Russian military in Donbas

The spokesman for the Russian President states that the accuracy of data provided by the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Ukraine is not verified. Dmitry Peskov claims that all accusations against Russia are unfounded.

The Kremlin has questioned the reliability of the data provided by the OSCE Mission in Ukraine, who allegedly registered the presence of the Russian troops in the conflict zone, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the TASS news agency.

“I also read these messages, and of course, the accuracy of these reports should be verified,” said the representative of the Kremlin. In addition, he noted that this issue was more related to the Ministry of Defense.

Also, Peskov stressed that the main thing was to understand what the OSCE Mission meant.

“We know that a number of times various official sources reported some allegations about this, and in fact each time it turned out that nothing specific was told,” Peskov recalls.

On July 28 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said he considered the opposition to the Russian intelligence as the main aim of Ukraine. On July 17 Poroshenko accused the militants of the Donbas and Russia of preparing for escalation of the conflict.

At various levels, the Russian side have repeatedly declared that all statements about the transfer of the Russian troops to Ukraine were “fake propaganda” and there were no Russian troops in Ukraine.