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Alexander Neu refutes visit of Bundestag deputies to Crimea

The Left Party of the Bundestag denied the information about the visit of the deputies to Crimea and said they wanted just to discuss the issue.

The deputies of the Left Party of the Bundestag said that the information about their intentions to visit Crimea was untrue. According to the representative of the Left Party Alexander Neu, this trip was just going to be discussed, Joinfo.ua reports refrerring to Deutsche Welle.

Alexander Neu claims that journalists misinterpreted his words from the interview he gave to the Russian newspaper. Allegedly, they talked about possible discussion in the party. But he gave no positive or negative response.

It should be recalled that in late July, the deputies from France visited Crimea, where they talked with politicians and local residents of the peninsula. After that, the Italian deputies from the Five Star Movement announced their intention to visit Crimea. Their trip is scheduled for early October.

The Ukrainian government strongly condemned such acts of the European parliamentarians. In particular, the Security Service of Ukraine has prohibited 10 French deputies who visited Crimea to enter Ukraine.