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U.S. authorities to continue restraining Russia in all directions – expert

The U.S. authorities are conducting purposeful policy of restraining the Russian aggression in different regions.

The U.S. authorities can give up Ukraine in exchange for cooperation with Russia in other foreign policy issues. The American magazine The Atlantic published an article entitled “Is the United States selling Ukraine?”, Joinfo.ua reports.

The columnist Brian Whitmore analyzes frequent dialogues between the Russian and American politicians and diplomats. Due to this he asks the question, whether Washington is willing to sacrifice its interests in Ukraine in exchange for Moscow’s help in other international issues?

According to the political expert, the dean of the faculty of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Finance, Alexander Schatilov, it is a planned information campaign aimed not at the internal but external audience.

“This article is in line with Washington’s policy on the effects on the Russian elite, whose vigilance is being lulled by relatively peaceful statements. On the one hand, the United States imposes additional sanctions, but on the other hand, it discusses the possibility of restoring relationships, lifting restrictions, reaching agreement on Ukraine, Iran and Syria,” Svobodnaya Pressa quotes the political scientist.

The expert believes that the real U.S. policy is now aimed at restraining Russia, forming a belt of instability around it not only in Ukraine but also in Armenia and in Central Asia.

“In my opinion, there is no point to count on the good will of Washington. The .U.S will never forgive us Crimea, reintegration of which they have perceived as a direct challenge to their power and influence. If they will allow Russia to maintain its existing status quo, they will lose both in the image, and in the political respect, as well as on the global stage, ” said Schatilov.