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Netherlands asks RT to give stolen parts of Boeing shot down over Donbas

The Security Council of the Netherlands has addressed to the Russian TV channel RT with a request to give the parts of the roof of the cockpit found near Petropavlovka for the investigation.

The official representative of the Security Council of the Netherlands, Sarah Vernoy, has addressed RT with a request to give parts of the cockpit roof found near Petropavlovka for the investigation,  Joinfo.ua reports referring to RT.

The Representative of the Netherlands noted that the Security Council “with great interest” had watched the documentary ‘MH 17:  A Year of Silence,’ which premiered on RT on the anniversary of the tragedy on July 17,  2015, showing fragments of the crashed plane.

“With great interest we watched your documentary MH17: A Year of Silence. RT shows parts of the roof of the cockpit found near Petropavlovka. We would like to take these items and deliver them to the Netherlands, so the Security Council could use them for investigation and reconstruction of events,”  Sarah Vernoy wrote to the TV channel.

It should be recalled that the Netherlands has initiated the establishment of an international tribunal under the UN Security Council in the case of the passenger plane Boeing-777. Later this idea was supported by Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, Britain and France. However, during the vote in the UN on the establishment of the tribunal on prosecution of those responsible for the catastrophe, Russia vetoed. According to most international experts and politicians, by this action Russia in fact confirmed its involvement in the collapse of the airliner.