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Rapid Trident 2015 completed: U.S. special forces surprised by level of training of AFU

The most ambitious exercises of the last year entitled Rapid Trident 2015 held in the Lviv region at the international level are coming to an end.

Previously, we reported that the most ambitious military exercises at the international level entitled Rapid Trident 2015 started in the Lviv region. The military training was participated by soldiers from 18 countries.

Yesterday, July 30, was the last day of active preparation. The main task (conditional seizure of teleradiocenter) is accomplished. Participation in the last mission was taken by the military from the U.S. and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian soldiers, who participated in the exercises held in the Lviv region included about 80% of the military, who in the ATO area in the past.

As a result, the training held provides the Armed Forces of Ukraine with another opportunity to establish coordination of actions, and start direct cooperation with the Armed Forces of NATO countries.

Instructor activities of the American paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade engaged in the training of the Ukrainian soldiers and fighters of the National Guard near the Lviv region, has identified “unexpected things”. It is stated in the article by the columnist Wolfgang Greber in the Austrian edition of Die Presse.

As stated in the article, the Ukrainian soldiers also have much to teach their ‘teachers’. As it turned out, the Americans “did not know much at all, or have already forgotten.”

The last classic campaign of the U.S. Army was the war in Iraq in 2003. Although, the author says, back then it was generally a guerrilla war, while in the Donbas the Armed Forces of Ukraine have to confront not a gang of bandits but the organized illegal armed groups, which have tanks, self-propelled howitzers, rocket artillery, air defense systems, and other heavy weapons.

“None of us was under artillery fire,” say the U.S. troops stationed in the Lviv region.

A sergeant Jacob Hart said he had never faced an armor of an enemy in battle. “A Ukrainian soldier told me how he had to fight with the enemy’s infantry fighting vehicle from the 15 meter distance. They shot at him from a grenade at the distance of 10-15 meters. It is a kid of situations that our people were said that they would never have, because it allegedly would never happen,” says the American soldier.

Despite the fact that he participated in two military operations in the Middle East, the captain of the U.S. Army Zachary Savarie  admits that the work with the Ukrainian soldiers, wjo took part in the battles, “has revealed large gaps” in his military knowledge.

“After nearly ten years of the guerrilla war like the one that had been in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of the American soldiers and officers have no practical experience of contact with the professional and heavily armed enemy organized in large, who uses modern military equipment  and is waging the war in conventional method,” the officer said.