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Finland afraid of invasion of Russian ‘little green men’

The neutral Aland Islands are a piece of cake for Russia, so Finland is already starting to fear that the Russian military will soon appear on the islands.
Armed men, believed to be Russian servicemen, march outside Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoye

Finland is awaiting the appearance of the Russian military on the neutral Aland Islands,  Joinfo.ua reports with reference to yle.fi.

The Aland Islands are an autonomy within Finland, however, from the point of view of international law, the islands are considered neutral. Still neither the USSR nor the modern Russia has never recognized the neutrality of the islands, which may further result in the risk of a conflict.

The Minister of Defence of Finland Jussi Niinistö says that believes in international justice, but does not consider it reliable. He thinks that at any moment the so-called “little green men” – the Russian troops without any identification markings – can come to the islands.

According to Niinistö, ‘in the wrong hands’ the Aland Islands  can become “a gun pointed at Sweden.” Finland is also convinced that it is necessary to start a dialogue now in order to prevent a possible invasion.

“The current government has the opportunity to start negotiations with Russia concerning its non-recognition of the neutrality of the islands,” said the head of the provincial town Camila Gunel.