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If Russia vetoes tribunal on Boeing-777 crash, initiators have plan B

If Russia still dares to take such a step, it will face a political disaster with global responsibility.

The countries-initiators of the tribunal on the Boeing-777 crash have a plan B in the event if Russia vetoes in the UN Security Council. It was stated by Mariana Betsa, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, on air of the TV channel 112 Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports.

“A year ago, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2166, recognizing a threat to international peace and security due to the downed aircraft MH17. We call on all States to fulfill their duty and make efforts to overcome impunity and ensure justice for the families of the victims. In this regard, 5 countries-initiators spoke with a joint initiative to establish an international criminal tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for shooting down the plane. It is expected that this work will be completed by the end of the year, and now, until the completion of the criminal investigation, the formation of the tribunal could guarantee maximum de-politicization of the issue. So far, there are ongoing formal and informal consultations with all members of the UN Security Council. Russia is the only country that opposed the establishment of the tribunal. The idea of ​​creating the tribunal has found broad support among other countries, the members of the United Nations. The consultations will be held today and tomorrow, and on July 29 there will be held a vote on the draft resolution,” said Betsa.

According to her, Russia can use its right of veto, but in this case it will have to bear the political consequences of such a step.

“We, the five countries-organizers, have a plan B, but we do not want to go into details, because we focused mainly on the promotion and the active support of the Security Council resolution on the creation of the tribunal by all member states. In the case of a negative scenario we will act suitably,” said the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry.