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Turkey convenes NATO meeting due to threat to alliance

The Turkish authorities declared urgent consultations under Article 4 of the NATO Charter on the occasion of a threat to a member of the alliance.

According to the official site of NATO, Turkey made the request on Sunday. It is related to the terrorist acts and attacks of the Islamic state on the Turkish border conducted last week. The NATO meeting at the level of ambassadors of all member states of the alliance will be held on Tuesday, July 28, Joinfo.ua informs.

As it is known, the NATO Charter provides for two forms of the alliance’s response to a threat. The most severe one is the reaction in the case of application of Article 5 – an attack on a member of the alliance. In this case, mechanism of collective defense is started – all members of the alliance must participate in repelling the attack. In particular, Article 5 was applied by the United States in the fight against the Taliban after the attack of terrorists on the World Trade Center in 2001.

Turkey has not yet referred to Article 5 and announced the application of Article 4 of the NATO Treaty, which gives a member state the right to convene the alliance for urgent consultation, “if in the opinion of any member of the alliance, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any NATO state is threatened.”

The Union recalls that the application of Article 4 is manifestation of an emergency. Last time it was applied by Poland in 2014 because of the threat of Russia’s attack on a number of members of the alliance.

In particular, the use of such consultations makes it possible to understand whether there is a consensus between the alliance members with respect to the measures for countering aggression.