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West must stop solving all problems by bombing

Britain must use the support of Russia and Iran to create a coalition of countries that are now being bombed the ISIS organization in Iraq.
U.S. Army soldiers look at a F-16 fighter jet during an official ceremony to receive four of these aircrafts from the U.S., at a military base in Balad

The West got used to solve any problem by bombings. But such an approach is doomed to failure, says a British politician in an article for Independent, Joinfo.ua reports.

The ruling circles in Britain are now discussing the option of joining the coalition of countries that are now being bombed by the positions of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq. But will it be the most effective way to overcome it, wonders Paddy Ashdown, the former leader of the British Liberal Democrats.

“We are not losing the war against Isis because we do not have enough bombs – we are losing it because we do not have enough diplomacy,” says Paddy Ashdown.

Even the great military strategist Carl von Clausewitz famously said that war was the extension of diplomacy by other means, and in recent years, the West has suffered so many defeats because it remembered the war, but forgot the diplomacy.

“We see a problem in the world and our first instinct is to bomb it.” But George Bush Snr acted differently in the Middle East and won. On the other hand, his son, George W. Bush, refused to diplomacy in favor of “shock and awe” – and lost. The same mistake was made in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Libya, says Paddy Ashdown.

UK should use its diplomatic skills to assemble a coalition that would crush the ISIS. It should include Iran, the moderate Sunni states – such as Turkey – and Russia. “We have no choice but to play hardball with Moscow over Ukraine.” But the partnership with Putin in the fight against the organization, which threatens both sides, would add huge weight to the potential of the coalition and “avoid the mistake of pushing Russia into a corner from which there is no escape” the British politician indicates.