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Border guards tell what 33rd humanitarian convoy brings to Donbas militants

The State Border Service of Ukraine told what the vehicles of the Russian humanitarian convoy have brought to the DPR.

In an exclusive comment for Joinfo.ua the Assistant Chairman of the State Border Service Oleh Slobodyan said that the so-called “humanitarian convoy” from Russia consisting of 102 machines today will be divided in two and drive in the direction of Luhansk and Donetsk.

“The nature of the goods is as follows: 83 vehicles loaded with food, 2 cars with medicines, 13 cars with technical assistance and 4 escort vehicles.

As for the products, the list provided by the Russian side states that it is delivering cereals, flour, canned goods, and condensed milk. We can not say anything specific about medicines, although 13 repair trucks are the vehicles for repair and maintenance of the convoy on the road.

We can not say more specifically what exactly was in the trucks with medical supplies and food, since the border guards of Ukraine as before were not allowed to make detailed inspection. They inspected the goods only from a distance. There were boxes, bags,” Oleh Slobodyan said.

He also noted that the movement of the so-called “humanitarian convoy” of the Russian Federation once again took place in violation of international and internal law.

“We only made visual observation, and the International Committee of the Red Cross also did not participate in the execution of the humanitarian convoy. We have the opportunity to look into the trucks, but we do not examine the contents of the boxes, the contents of the barrels, and so on,” Slobodyan concluded.

It should be recalled that this month alone the Russian Federation plans to send its militants three more convoys with unverified content.