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Russians “do not notice” effect of EU sanctions

An opinion poll showed that despite the fact that the ruble has fallen by 40% against the dollar, the Russians believe that sanctions do not affect them in any way.

Many Russians do not believe that sanctions actually take effect, Joinfo.ua reports referring to CNN.

The results of a survey recently conducted by the non-governmental research organization, Levada Center show that answering the question of whether the EU sanctions against the Russian have created problems for them and their families, only a third of respondents rated the negative impact of the sanctions as “very” or “quite serious”, while more than 60% of respondents said that sanctions had not been of importance for them.

Assessing the main motive behind the sanctions, two-thirds of the Russians said that the economic measures had been taken to “weaken and humiliate Russia.” 21% of respondents believe that the purpose of sanctions is “to restore the geopolitical balance” probably violated by annexation of Crimea to Russia. And only 5% of respondents believe that the sanctions have been taken to stop the war in the east of Ukraine.

Answering the question of against whom the sanctions were directed, almost half of the respondents said “against the general population”; another 29% believe that the sanctions had to hit the political leaders, while nearly one-fifth of respondents believe that the leadership of the West does not even think about how such measures affect the general population of Russia.