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American journalist Michael Weiss shows how Russian media should be treated

The American journalist Michael Weiss writing articles about Ukraine, Russia and the ISIS, blew off the producer of the Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today, who invited him to participate in the program about the downed Boeing-777.

The American journalist Michael Weiss received a letter from Anastasia Skoblina, the producer of the Russian propagandist channel.

The journalist posted the screenshot of the letter and his response on his Twitter.

She wrote:


My name is Anastasia Skoblina, I am producer of a special program “Zoom” from RT Spanish.

It is a weekly program in Spanish but it would be translated into Russian and English. We would be talking about Russian exterior politics, relations with other countries and so on. And we would like to present two different opinions. This time we would speak about the case of MH 17.

And I would like to ask you if it is possible to participate in our program and discuss with our presenter this question: Russian is culpable in the accident. I am asking for the interview with mr. Michael Weiss and mr. James Miller. If you/they agree, I will send you questions and we will decide when we could do the interview. We need some 5 minutes of your time. It will be some 3-4 questions and discussions, also we promise that the interview will not be cut. If you have some additional questions I will be happy to respond.

Hoping for a quick response.

Thank you in advance!

Without losing his sense of humor Weiss showe how the Russian media should be treated and wrote:

Dear Anastasia,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, James and I make it a policy to only appear for interviews on actual news networks and so we’ll have to pass.

“I do, however, know a man who sends me regular emails insisting that the Victoria Nuland’s mind teleported MH17 to a secret underground NATO installation in Arizona and that all of the passengers have been turned into gay neo-Nazis currently plotting a coup in Belarus. May I put you in touch to have him explain his compelling thesis on RT?

All best,

Michael Weiss

Although, the producer of RT wrote that this “expert” would have looked a little strange “even at Russia Today» and asked to recommend someone else.