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Boeing-777 crash witnesses wiped off: Buk crew cannot be found

According to the netizen nicknamed Kolonel pertaining to defense intelligence, the crew of the Russian Buk missile system, who hit the Boeing-777, did not return to the point of their dislocation.

According to the Facebook user Kolonel aka Aleksey Honta, when the Boeing-777 crash occurred in the Donbas, the crew of the Russian Buk was soon transferred to the Trans-Baikal region. But nobody got to the place of thier dislocation and colleagues can not find neither officers nor soldiers, Joinfo.ua reports.

Referring to the information of the Russian Vladimir Varilnikov, Aleksey Honta says that the Boeing-777 was shot down by the crew of the 53rd Kursk Air Defense Brigade of the Russian army.

“Its crew included graduates of the Yaroslavl anti-aircraft missile school, setting data (ranks, names, biographies) about Russian killers – subordinates of the war criminal Shoygu will be shown in detail in the criminal case to the International Tribunal.

The officers of the crew were immediately transferred to the Siberian Military District, in the Trans-Baikal region. Insiders say they never made it to the new post. And their fellow students in the school can not be found. It seems like everyone is “wiped off,” the statement reads.