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ATO forces expect augmentation of attacks after arrival of Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’

The situation at the front remains stable - these are the latest news from the ATO.

The ATO forces are expecting augmentation of attacks after arrival of another Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’. It is reported by Joinfo.ua referring to the data from the press center of the ATO on Facebook.

During Thursday, July 16, the militants were delivering “disturbing” fire with small arms on the positions of our forces near the settlement of Shchastya, Shyrokine and in the direction of the Donetsk airport.

In the settlement of Marinka, our military were being attacked by a sniper for the whole day.

Starting from 4:25 p.m. the positions of the ATO forces were under fire of 122-mm artillery near the settlement of Novotoshkivske.

It should be noted that a breathing spell does not give the ATO forces a reason to assume that the pro-Russian puppets come to their senses in their pseudo-Khanate.

Today, July 16, another uninvited ‘humanitarian convoy’ from Russia broke into the territory of the Donbas. The Russian propaganda media report that the convoy is delivering food and medicine. For our part, let us recall the consequences of such “handouts” to the fighters from Russia. In particular, the military activity of armed groups and the number of attacks on positions of the Ukrainian defenders grows. The use of large-caliber weapons on peaceful settlements increases by several times. These are non-humanitarian consequences of such “humanitarian convoys”.