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UK blocks accounts of RT media group belonging to Dmitry Kiselyov

HM Treasury has blocked the account of INA Russia Today, whose CEO is Dmitry Kiselyov, because of the sanctions measures.

Dmitry Kiselyov, the Director General of the Media Group Russia Today, believes that closing of the agency’s account in the Barclay’s bank because of the sanctions measures of the British Treasury is censorship. It was reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to RIA Novosti.

“To close the account of one of the world’s leading news agencies is censorship, the direct obstruction of journalists’ work. What kind of press freedom and democracy can Britain claim to have if it prevents one of the world’s largest news agencies from working in the country?”  Kiselyov said.

A representative of Barclay’s said that the account of the International News Agency Russia Today was closed and the bank must submit a notification. However, the reasons for closing are not specified. The reason may be the fact that Dmitry Kiselyov appeared to be in the list of persons subject to financial sanctions made by the UK Treasury. Therefore INA Russia Today could get under the financial constraints. Currently, the account is closed, access to the information on it is prohibited.

It should be recalled that earlier Dmitry Kiselyov was convincing the public that his program at the federal TV channel Russia-1 reported only the truth.