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Ukraine to block way to Crimea for foreigners

Ukraine will officially ban foreigners from entering Crimea, if they do not have certain reasons for this.

Ukraine will officially restrict the entry to Crimea for foreign tourists. It was stated by Sergei Hunko, the Spokesman for the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports.

“With regard to foreigners. Regulation (of the Cabinet of Ministers No 367 of June 4, approving the procedure of entering and exiting the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in Crimea) clearly defines the grounds on which foreigners can obtain such permission and thus visit the Crimean peninsula. Today, the desire to go on holiday in Crimea is not the basis for entry to the Crimean peninsula for a foreigner,” the official said.

Also, the official clarified on what grounds one can enter the Crimean peninsula.

“Among the reasons are residence of close relatives in Crimea, location of graves of close relatives in the territory of Crimea, death of a close relative, as well as the ownership in the territory of Crimea,” said Hunko.

Also the grounds for obtaining a permit include execution diplomatic functions, protection of national interests of Ukraine, but it also has to be agreed upon with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.