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President Vladimir Putin rejects request of Pamela Anderson

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment responded to the call of Pamela Anderson to impede the movement of the ship with Fin whale meat.

Representatives of the Russian Federation note that since the killing of animals was not committed on the territory of Russia, the Russian side could not interfere with the movement of the ship, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the newspaper Izvestia.

And accordingly, the request of the actress Pamela Anderson, with which she appealed to President Vladimir Putin, will not be executed.

“Let the supervisory authorities of the country, where the killing of fin whales was committed, deal with the issue,” Valery Fyodorov, the Deputy Head of the Department of Conservation and Use of Wildlife of the Ministry of Nature of Russia said.

He also clarified that Russia could hinder the movement of the ship only if it entered one of the ports of the Russian Federation.

“It may not be not let in or let in, but not let out (due to illegal cargo – Ed.),” he added.

It was already reported that the actress Pamela Anderson had addressed the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the request to prevent the movement of a vessel carrying the 1.7 tons of Fin whale meat from Iceland to Japan.