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Latvia collects € 50,000 for Ukrainian children affected by war in Donbas

Latvia has hosted a charity concert 'Children of War', during which there were collected 50 thousand euros for rehabilitation of the Ukrainian children.

Riga, Latvia has initiated a charitable action Children of War, which aims to attract the world’s attention to the problems of the Ukrainian children, who have lost their parents as a result of the Russian aggression in the Donbas, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Radio Svoboda.

The charity concert ‘Children of War’ took place in the Dzintari concert hall in Jurmala. From ticket sales and donations for the rehabilitation of the Ukrainian children, the organizers have collected more than 50,000 euros.

Maya Prozorovicha, the representative of the action ‘Children of War’, reported that the idea of ​​the charity concert belonged to Marita Solim, the president of the club Rotari “Rīdzene”.

“Europe must look at what is happening in the east of Ukraine,” the speaker of the Latvian parliament Inara Murniece said.

Murniece believes that it is unacceptable that peaceful people, and especially children suffer because of the Kremlin’s imperial ambitions.

“I was addressed by the members of the Latvian Rotari club with the idea to help the Ukrainian children affected by the war. The concert ‘Children of War’ is a step towards ensuring that these children are brought to Latvia, given the opportunity to live in a calm environment, in the country, where peace reigns,” said the Chairman of the Saeimas.

At the concert ‘Children of War’ performed well-known musicians and performers from Latvia and Ukraine. For the funds raised from ticket sales and donations, this autumn Latvia will invite almost 100 Ukrainian children to the Vaivara national rehabilitation center.

According to Maya Prozorovichy, the organizer of the action ‘Children of War’, Latvia calls on Europe to unite in carrying out charitable initiatives – to collect donations for the children affected by the war in Donbas. Therefore, the action ‘Children of War’ will be conducted in other European countries.

“Right now Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania and other European countries actively discuss the idea of ​​the charity concert, the Rotari clubs collect donations for the Ukrainian children. It found support in the field of business, too. We are pleased that the idea of ​​a charity concert has turned into a powerful movement to help children,” says Maya Prozorovicha.