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Vladimir Putin to equip army with hybrid airship

Russian engineers have began developing a hybrid airship, which combines the advantages of an airplane and a helicopter.

Russian engineers are developing a new battle airship, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to N24.

The airship will combine the technical features of an aircraft and a helicopter. The speed ​​of the hybrid aircraft will be 170 km / h, with carrying capacity of 60 tons.

Apparently, Putin intends to equip his army with a new hybrid airship. According to the Russian newspaper Siberian Times, this futuristic 130 meter long aircraft will go into service in 2018.

Its speed will be 170 km / h. According to the designers, it will combine technical advantages of an aircraft, a helicopter and an airship. It will not need a landing strip. Instead, it will be able to land on water. The previous models have been tested in Russia for a long time, but their capacity is maximum half a ton, and the hybrid airship of the future will be able to carry 200 people or 60 tons of cargo.