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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak accused of stealing $ 700 million

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak is charged for having 700 million dollars transferred on his account illegally. Razak denies the theft, claiming that he will sue the accuser.

The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is accused of stealing $ 700 million. The article with information about the illegal transfer of money on the accounts of the official was published last week by The Wall Street Journal, reported Joinfo.ua.

WSJ reported on the documents, according to which, there were transferred $ 700 million on the account of the prime minister from the state institutions, banks and entities associated with the state investment fund. In turn, Razak denied this information and announced his intention to sue WSJ.

In connection with the situation, the former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik said that Najib Razak had to leave the post of prime minister temporarily.

“Maybe when the investigation is under way, Najib should let go of his position as prime minister for the time being, until he is cleared by the investigation,” he said.

The Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said that the prime minister did not need “to go on leave.”

“Why should he go on leave? He did not commit any offence. You only go on leave if you have been charged,” he said, adding that he did not think that the prime minister would interfere with the investigation.