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Ukraine can defeat Russian armed forces – American soldier

The Ukrainian army can overcome the Russian armed forces on the battlefield. Ukraine and its army do not know about it, but there is such a possibility. This was stated by Adrian Bonenberger, an American journalist, former soldier, who served in Afghanistan, in his column for Forbes.com.

According to Bonenberger, Ukraine can defeat the Russian armed forces on the battlefield, since Russia is vulnerable, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Forbes.

The journalist says he spent a week at a military firing range in Yavoriv, watching his old unit train two companies of Ukrainian National Guardsmen. He is impressed since “Ukrainian soldiers moving and communicating tactically at a level that matched or exceeded most conventional U.S. units.”

“For nearly seven years, I served as an infantry officer (over two of which I spent in Afghanistan) in combat; in my time training Afghan police and soldiers, I never saw a unit of Afghans that looked as professional as the Ukrainians,” the former military says.

“If the Ukrainians continue to train hard, and build combat power—and I suspect that their incentive to do so is greater than that of their (mostly Russian) adversaries—there is a possible outcome here that I have yet seen described in Western media, nor have I heard it in Russian media, either: Ukraine can defeat the separatists. Ukraine can defeat Russia on the battlefield. Ukraine and its military does not know this, but it is possible. In fact, Russian overconfidence, Russian complacency and broken Russian doctrine makes it not just possible but even likely that a decisive, surprise combined-arms attack by a well-trained, reinvigorated Ukrainian military will be able to achieve complete surprise over its adversaries, surround them, and wipe them out,” Bonenberger says.

He believes that the longer the RF waits in Ukraine, the greater the chances that its army is will encounter a disaster, not faced since World War II: the encirclement and complete destruction of a Russian battle group.