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Mikhail Zadornov makes fun of Boeing crash

Mikhail Zadornov, a Russian stand-up comedian and writer, mocked the tragical Boeing crash talking big as always.

On the video posted in the network, the Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov cynically ridiculed the Malaysian Boeing crash 2014. And moreover, he attributed the words of the Russian official to U.S.  State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Joinfo.ua reports.

In his speech, the whole hall laughed at, Zadornov said: “Psaki very precisely defined why the Malaysian Boeing crash. You’ve seen it: they all fell silent. They realized who had violated everything, and all fell silent. But Psaki stated the exact cause of the fall of the Boeing:  “The Malaysian fell, she says, because it was heavier than the air.”

This is how this cynicism looked like.

In fact, these words were voiced by Andrej Deliev, the Russian official and prosecutor, who commented on the fall of the MiG-31.

Here’s a screenshot of the article published in the Russian media.


After this, the world will unlikely treat Zadornov as a worthy person. It doesn’t take an expert to ridicule the death of 300 people and even lie about it.

Earlier, we reported that Moscow considered the idea of ​​an international tribunal on the case for the Malaysian Boeing crash in Ukraine as untimely and counterproductive.