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U.S. Congress supports weapons supply to Ukraine, the matter depends on Obama – expert

Senator John McCain once again called on U.S. President Barack Obama to help Ukraine in the issue of defense and provide it with weapons, since the U.S. Congress supported this decision by the majority of votes.
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An invasion has taken in Ukraine and the U.S. should help the country. This was stated by Republican Senator John McCain in an interview for the Polish news agency (PAP), Joinfo.uareports.

Reporters of the Polish press agency asked the Senator when the weapons from the United States would go to Ukraine.

“I do not agree with U.S. President Barack Obama, who decided not to supply weapons to Ukraine,” said Senator John McCain

“The President of the United States decided not to supply weapons to Ukraine. I disagree with him. An invasion has taken place in Ukraine, people are attacked, and we should help them in the issue of defense. In its history the U.S. helped the victims of aggression,” said McCain.

“I do not know when the weapon can be delivered to Ukraine. The vast majority of the U.S. Congress and Americans support this move,” ​​the American politician said.

Recently, the U.S. Senate passed the law that, among other things, provides allocation of 300 million dollars to Ukraine for ensuring its defense capability and military equipment. Now the law is at the House of Representatives. So far, the Obama administration has refused to make such a move, arguing that the supply of weapons could lead to further escalation of the conflict.

McCain also critically assessed the policy of the EU towards Ukraine. “While European countries are dependent on Russian energy, we will see their weakness,” said Republican Senator John McCain.

Earlier, we reported that the U.S. Congress in the Upper House had approved the bill on the financing of the country’s defense budget, which allows, in particular, providing Ukraine with lethal weapons.