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Vladimir Putin makes whole world think of Russia as of armed gang – Russian historian

The Russian history professor Andrej Zubov, who was fired from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations because of his criticism of Crimean annexation, believes that the propaganda presented by President Vladimir Putin poses a threat to Russia and the world.

In an interview with Prague Daily Monitor, Andrej Zubov said that he intended to fight for the Russian youth and to teach young people to have “the value of human freedom”. He believes that in 15 years in power, Vladimir Putin has done “so many silly things” like few before him, and it is because of his policy the Russians are considered “as robbers,” Joinfo.ua reports.

“If youth turns to the value of human freedom and dignity, this will bring a free future to Russia. But if the youth opts for what Putin’s propaganda offers, this will entail terrible territorial problems that will be dangerous to the whole world,” Zubov told the Czech newspaper. The scientist stressed: “The struggle for youth is the struggle for our future.”

The historian came to Prague on the occasion of the publication of the second volume of “History of Russia. XX century”. The newspaper explains that besides Zubov, the book was written by another 45 authors, ‘who are not mentioned by name out of fear of the current regime in Russia.”

The scientist notes that, although Russia has got rid of communism “in its worst form,” now the “legacy of the Soviet Union is returning in a way.” So his new book is aimed at reminding the Russians of what they were liberated, “so that they never want to return to it.”

According to Zubov, under Stalin or Lenin this book would cost him his life, and under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, he would certainly be sent to prison and banished to Siberia. So now everything is getting better, “but our task is to make the better even better.”

Despite the opinions that the potential resignation of Vladimir Putin will create chaos in the country, Zubov belives that in history everything is moving in groove. According to him, when Stalin died, people did not know what to do, they did not imagine the world without him, but life went on. The same thing happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union: it was not easy, but at least people have become freer.

“Putin has done so many silly things over the 15 years of his rule like few before him. Due to him, international sanctions have been imposed against the country, he has been driven out of G8 and the world views us as robbers. He is selling one of the potentially richest countries of the world for a pittance to China,” Zubov said.