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New predictions for Russia: China to determine fate of ‘Empire’

Well-known Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko said that the fall of Russia would happen due to the lease of the territory of Transbaikal to China.

The Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko believes that the current residents of the Russian Federation witness the collapse of Russia. He expressed such an opinion while commenting on the news about the Chinese company Huae Sinban, which will get a long-term lease for 115 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the Transbaikal, Joinfo.ua informs referring to the radio station “Govorit Moskva”.

“This is the destruction of Russia. Later, when you will tell it to your grandchildren, remember this day, please. This is the collapse of Russia, which will take shape in the near future, say, in ten years,” he said.

Dorenko said that the death of the Russian Federation would not come from the United States.

“Not Yanks, not the Americans. The death of Russia will happen by the way of digestion. They are mastering us, you know. We are being mastered by another civilization,” Dorenko said.

The journalist believes that from the alliance with China, Russia will receive other preferences instead of land.

“Compared to China, we are insignificant. Compare economy of Russia and economy of China. It is as if a cat decided it can be compared to you. China is incomparably greater than Russia. Guys, we are not comparable with China, drub it into your stupid heads! We are germs next to China! Germs! We are not any close to China. They are incomparably greater than we are. And America is incomparably bigger than we are as an economy. We are zero next to them. If not zero, then negligible quantities for sure,” Dorenko summed up.