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Igor Girkin: Vladimir Putin to be overthrown soon, conspiracy against him already exists

Igor Girkin, the so-called former minister of defense of the DPR, said that President Vladimir Putin would be certainly overthrown in result of a palace coup.

In an interview with the propaganda newspaper “Kolokol Rossii”, Igor Girkin said that for some officials in the Russian Federation, who were closely related with the oligarchs and thus with the West, Russia’s involvement in a full-fledged war was very disadvantageous. Therefore, these people will do everything to delay this moment, and it is desirable to avoid it at all. And the most effective way to do it is a coup d’etat, in the result of which, the Russian President Vladimir Putin will be overthrown, Joinfo.ua reports.

“These people think only about themselves, about their personal wealth. The sovereignty and independence for them are empty words. The Russian people are nothing. They are “pan-human beings”, the vilest category of people, they are people, who don’t remember their kinship. If they win, there will be chaos in Russia. All these “orange revolutions” we are threatened with are nonsense. The Russian authorities have always changed as a result of palace coups. Conspiration against the President already exists!” Girkin said.

He also said that the belief that Putin controlled all and everything was nothing else but a myth. After all, even if he was a genius, he could not control a group of more than 12-15 people. And the so-called vertical of power is far from firm. Since the people came to power with rags-to-riches stories not to be indebted for the whole their lives.

“Napoleon had an incident: he elevated an innkeeper’s son to Marshal and duke. But at a crucial moment the duke wanted to remain a duke, to maintain his status, so he “pushed falling Napoleon”. The same happens in the president’s entourage: there may be different people. I’m sure many are still attached to him, but there are also those, who persuade him to accept defeat. I think they are the ones, who are involved in the conspiracy,” Girkin said.