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Putin invited to become a hero of American TV show

The American television show The Voice wants to launch a series of shows about the world leaders, and the President Putin is one of them.


According to the TV show producer Mark Burnett, he wants the Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the reality show about the life of the world’s leaders and intends to invite the head of the Russian Federation as the first guest, Joinfo.ua reports referring BBC.

The producer said that he had already contacted the representatives of the Russian president and told about the proposal, noting that the show would focus on the daily life of Putin, and not on the current political issues. The producer refused to tell about the outcome of the negotiations.

According to Burnett, the aim of the new show is to display lives in various states through the eyes of their political leadership rather than news services. If successful, the producer intends to invite more guests, including the Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Burnett had already tried to create a reality show about the life of politicians, but not of the highest level. In particular, he filmed his TV show called Alaska Palin, which showed daily life of the Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, trying to avoid her political activities.