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New predictions for Russia: country awaits ‘time of troubles’ and dissolution

The famous writer Vladimir Voinovich predicts that Russia awaits the "time of troubles" which will end up in dissolution of the country, The Daily Beast reports.

New predictions for Russia

Voinovich, who predicted  that post-Soviet Russia will be headed by the former KGB agent, who served in Germany, in his dystopian satire 'Moscow 2042', expects that "today's reactionary policy will end in total failure and the need for a new perestroika,"  Joinfo.ua reports referring to The Daily Beast.

"There will be a "time of troubles," which may well end the disintegration of Russia," the writer said.

"Until recently, I had a very pessimistic forecast – and things also seemed very murky. But after all these recent events – "Crimea is ours!" Donbass, all that – I realized I could get back into the business of forecasting," Voinovich noted.

However, he believes that the only thing he was wrong about is that President Putin would be forced to leave. "But he's still here. Generally, once again – this time not in 70 years, but after in a very short time – the President and the Duma have reached such the state of such idiocy that they are constantly taking actions which are not simply pointless but harmful, to Russia itself," he added.

According to Voinovich, the annexation of Crimea did undermine Ukraine to some extent, but less than it did Russia. Ukraine got rid of the region, which needs massive subsidies, and received international sympathy. Meanwhile, Russia "bit off this chunk it can't chew." "Besides, there's always a pendulum effect, not just in Russia," the writer continued. Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, the pendulum deflected to one side. "Now, Putin has pushed it very far, and the backlash is inevitable," Voinovich said.

The writer does not believe that Russia's refusal to democratic course was inevitable. Speaking of Putin, Voinovich said: "He's painted himself into a corner; he has committed so many sins and crimes, he has no choice but to hold on to power. No matter how he leaves, his policies will definitely be condemned as bad and wrong, and everything will be blamed on him, just as he now blames Yeltsin. It could be done by someone who, at this moment, is professing boundless love for Putin."

Commenting on the 86% rating of the president, the writer said: "As we know, the love of the masses is fickle. It will end, burst like a bubble, and very quickly too."

According to him, Russia will soon have a new chance to get closer to the West, to make a step towards democracy. "If this happens, the West needs to see it in time and support it in an intelligent way," Voinovich advises.