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Cold War between Russia and West already started – experts

The foreign experts claim that one can already trace the main features of the cold war between Russia and the West.

Cold War between Russia and West already started – experts

It is possible that the new "cold war" between Russia and the West has already begun, according to the German newspaper Huffington Post, Joinfo.ua reports.

This edition provides five 'symptoms' of this conflict.

1. The United States strengthens military presence in Germany. The Pentagon intends to deploy 5,000 soldiers in Germany and Eastern Europe.

2. The discourse of a possible nuclear war has once again become relevant. The Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced that Russia was planning to build 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles that were supposed to be able to overcome the U.S. missile defense systems in Europe. This aspect of the fear of the Russian missile defense systems has started a few years before the war crisis in Ukraine.

3. In Germany, the problem of national security has become especially acute. At the moment, Germany is planning to build new Leopard 3 tanks.

4. A significant increase in cyber threats. Russian hackers organize numerous attacks on Internet resources of the German government.

5. The return of the term "Eastern Bloc" back to the mass consciousness. There reappeared the discourse about the division of spheres of influence between Russia and the West.

The publication The Wall Street Journal wrote that the new "cold war" could begin on the Arctic front. Putin sees the periphery of Eastern Europe stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, as part of the Russian imperial inheritance. However, in recent years, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has also turned his attention to the north, the Arctic, and is militarizing the cold remote regions.

In turn, the publication The Guardian believes that Russia has launched a new "cold war" and is preparing to open battles against the West.