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France risks to fail by freezing Russian assets – experts

According to experts, France made a serious diplomatic mistake in the case with "Mistrals".

France risks to fail by freezing Russian assets – experts

In recent months, French diplomacy has amazed everyone with its exploits, which can be called a disaster, writes Ronald Zonca in Boulevard Voltaire, Joinfo.ua reports.

As a result of the story with the Mistral vessels, France has suffered losses, not only because of the cost of the vehicles, but also because of the disrupted large-scale deal with India, which bought less Rafale fighters, than it was expected initially. And the story with the gas pipeline "South Stream" has resulted into the split between еру Southern European and Nordic countries. By choosing this tactic of "scorched earth" at the behest of the U.S., Western Europe risks to cause fire in the Balkans, the French journalist says.

In Brussels the decisions are made not by politics, but by "kamikazes, ready to blow themselves up along with the building." As for France, anticipating the establishment of the transatlantic free trade area, it decides to freeze Russian assets, the journalist says. Of course, as a response to Russia will not immediately freeze foreign accounts, because it understands how it will affect the investments. However, in a month there will be held two international summits – the SCO summit and the BRICS summit, where it will be able to coordinate the counter measures with its partners representing half a planet.

The art of diplomacy is to direct the opponent to the side which is right for you, but unfortunately, the current French diplomats will go down in history under the name of "generation of hara-kiri," Zonka concludes.