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Russia competes with North Korea and Nigeria in world’s ranking of peacefulness

Ukraine took the 150th position in the annual global index of peacefulness published by the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney.

Russia competes with North Korea and Nigeria in world ranking of peacefulness

This year, because of the war waged by Russia in the Donbas, Ukraine has lost eight positions in the list of peace-loving countries – it has dropped from the 142 place it occupied last year to the 150 position. In the explanatory note to the rating it is stated that because of the war in the Donbas, the access to small arms in the country has increased, and the terrorist influence and the number of violent crimes have raised, Joinfo.ua reports.

In turn, Russia has maintained its position. As last year, it takes the 152 place. Nearby is North Korea (153) and Nigeria (151).

The researchers recognized Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world. The top 10 most peaceful countries are: 1. Iceland 2. Denmark 3. Austria 4. New Zealand 5. Switzerland 6. Finland 7. Canada 8. Japan, 9. Australia and 10. The Czech Republic.

The index of the countries ranked by the level of peacefulness, is rounded out by Syria, where a large-scale military conflict intensified in the last year due to the onset of the militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization is ongoing. The United States has improved its position in the new ranking: this time the country takes the 94th place in the list, while last year it was at the 101th place. The last 10 peaceful countries are: 153. North Korea, 154. Pakistan, 155. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, 156. Sudan, 157. Somalia, 158. The Central African Republic, 159. South Sudan, 160. Afghanistan, 161. Iraq, 162. Syria.

The index of peacefulness has been made out by sociologists and economists from the International Expert Group of the research centers in Australia and the United States since 2007. While calculating the degree of peacefulness, the researchers take into account the level of violence and security in the country, defense spending and military targets, as well as involvement in any conflict.