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Ukrainians don’t have vision of country’s future – Andrea Graziosi

However, the Italian historian believes there is one thing that unites the Ukrainian people. It is dislike for Putin.

Andrea Graziosi

Andrea Graziosi, an Italian historian, researcher of the history of Ukraine, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, gave an exclusive interview for the Tyzhden news agency.

"For me it is clear that Ukraine is a country at war, but it does not want this war. And it is very difficult not to take part in it if it is going on in your territory. Therefore, the issue of armed conflict will only deepen, and it can cause a lot of negative things," he says.

The Italian historian notes that one can not exclude the possibility of a new wave of propaganda in Ukraine, as well as the rise of new nationalist regime in the wake of war.

In his opinion, the attempt to forge Ukrainian identity, perception of oneself in a much more progressive mode open to the world is a very good thing for Ukraine.

However, Graziosi is not sure that this project will succeed.

"The problem is that not everyone agrees to it, and I'm talking not only about Russians. So far, I don't see that you have a common vision of what Ukraine must be like, and I don't see the support for this particular project. Thus, a clear majority across the state does not like Putin, and it unites the people. But the lack of consensus regarding the vision of the future of your country is what separates you. Putin will continue to conduct the war to destabilize Ukraine in every possible way, not to give the Ukrainians a chance to unite around the idea of openness to the world," he said.