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EU-Russia: friendship and strategic partnership come to end

The European Parliament decided to delete Russia from the list of strategic partners. Today in Strasbourg, this decision was supported by the overwhelming majority of MEPs. EU-Russia relations are almost over.

EU-Russia: friendship and strategic partnership come to end

The resumption of the Russia-EU cooperation is possible only after implementation of the Minsk accords and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is noted in the European Parliament resolution on the state of the EU-Russia relations, Joinfo.ua reports.

The resolution was adopted by an overwhelming number of votes on Wednesday in Strasbourg. "The European Parliament stresses that the resumption of cooperation will be possible only if Russia respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, including Crimea, and fully complies with the Minsk agreements," the document says.

MEPs ensured that the EU could not pretend that nothing was happening, but there was no other way but to carry out a critical re-evaluation of its relations with Russia.

"The European Parliament once again states that the direct and indirect involvement of Russia in the armed conflict in Ukraine, the illegal annexation of Crimea, together with the violation of Georgia's territorial integrity, economic and political destabilization of its European neighbors are a deliberate violation of democratic principles and fundamental values of the international law," the resolution states.

The EP also regrets the fact that Russia is now openly positioning itself as a threat to international democratic community.