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NATO countries support Ukraine’s accession to NATO

The most passionate supporters of Ukraine's accession to the alliance are such NATO countries as Canada, the United States and Poland as opposed to Germany and Italy, who are not so much happy about it.

NATO countries support Ukraine"s accession to NATO

More than half of the citizens living in the NATO countries (57%) speak for Ukraine's accession to the Alliance. It is evidenced by the opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center, Joinfo.ua reports.

Less than half of the respondents (41%) support the provision of weapons to Ukraine. At the same time, the study does not specify what percentage of the respondents opposes Ukraine's membership in NATO and arms delivery to the country.

As evidenced by the data, the most support for Ukraine's membership in NATO is expressed by the people of Canada (65%), the USA (62%), Poland (59%), Spain (57%) and the UK (57%).

At the same time, the lowest support for Ukraine's joining NATO is seen among the people in Germany (36%) and Italy (35%).

Moreover, weapons supplies to Ukraine are mostly supported by the Poles (50%), Americans (46%) and Canadians (44%). The Italians (22%) and Germans (19%) appeared to be the least supportive.

In addition, half of the citizens of the NATO countries advocated for Ukraine's accession to the EU, 70% – for granting Ukraine economic assistance from the West.

At the same time, 39% of respondents consider the Russian Federation the main culprit of on the conflict in the Donbas, 18% blame pro-Russian separatists of the exacerbation of the situation.