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U.S. General sees a threat to EU security in potential of Russia

Russia is a potential threat to the security of Europe. Such an opinion was expressed by General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States Armed Forces.

U.S. General sees a threat to EU security in potential of Russia

Gen. Martin Dempsey believes that Russia has the potential, which threatens security in Europe. According to him, the concept of threat always combines capabilities and intentions. With regard to the intentions, Russia's behavior has repeatedly gone beyond the international order, and the possibilities of Russia can threaten security in Europe, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Wall Street Journal.

Dempsey states that Russia has demonstrated the ability to use not only military instruments. It has become an expert in the field of propaganda and subversion.

In Europe, Russia has its advantages – time and geography. Russia has shown the capabilities of its long-range aviation and nuclear forces. It is a clear signal to the European countries and the United States that Russia is taking into account all instruments of military power, says Dempsey. Moreover, Russia's conventional forces are also a threat.

As for NATO, the Russian president has clearly expressed his intentions. He considers NATO as a threat and intends to look for the ways to discredit and ultimately undermine the alliance, says Dempsey. In this regard, the United States needs to strengthen its NATO allies and the partners outside the alliance.

It is needed to assist the allies now, says Dempsey. "It is about hardening before the crisis occurs. Because once the crisis occurs you get into this debate about what is escalatory and what is not escalatory. This is about acting precrisis to deter and prevent crisis," Gen. Martin Dempsey said in the interview.

It should be recalled that the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier that NATO countries had a large amount of information proving the presence of the Russian troops in the Donbas. "I repeat: you can not believe us, but interviews with families and soldiers are available to the public," said Stoltenberg.