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The name of official to succeed Putin after ‘conspiracy of generals’ revealed

Sergey Ivanov, Chief of Staff Presidential Administration of Russia, can succeed Putin in the Kremlin.

The name of official to succeed Putin after conspiracy of generals revealed

It was stated by the former Russian presidential advisor Andrei Illarionov, Joinfo.ua reports.

Illarionov argues that such a conclusion was triggered by Ivanov's statement he made after accusations of corruption against Putin.

So, instead of justifying his patron, Ivanov told about a group of citizens, "some of whom are generals, some are not corrupt, in his view, and not involved in criminal activities, who are fully acceptable to the West."

Illarionov said that Ivanov "did not try to justify or defend his immediate superior Putin on charges of corruption and criminal activities," but instead he "started justifying, whitewashing and even advertising himself and these people."

Moreover, in an interview Ivanov made a curious clause when he said: "I can vouch for them." This phrase, according to Illarionov, is the prerogative of the first person. "Ivanov assumed such power to vouche for the head of the FSB, the Foreign Minister, the head of the Defense Ministry and Presidential Adviser on National Security Patrushev, and it means that he – Ivanov – takes the prerogatives that belong to Putin. Therefore, he perceives himself no less than a man, replacing Putin, taking his post, ready to take all powers," says the former adviser to the president of Russia.