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Peskov reproaches Merkel for ‘annexation’

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the President of Russia, said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel used the word "annexation" in relation to Crimea incorrectly.

Commenting on the interview of Merkel for Yomiuri Shimbun, where she called "the annexation of Crimea" as one of the major threats to peace and order in Europe, Peskov said that she "used the word "annexation" improperly," Joinfo.ua reports referring to Russian media.

"In her statement, Mrs Merkel made one terminological error, she used the word "annexation" instead of joining. We believe that this is an erroneous definition, because we are talking about voluntary reunification of Crimea with Russia," said Peskov.

He recalled that the decision to join Russia had been made by allegedly "legitimate" legislative body. "Therefore, in our opinion, the term "annexation" can not be used here, we think it is wrong," Peskov said.

In addition, Peskov did not like Merkel's statement that the annexation of Crimea has become a threat to the world order. "It is not Crimea, but rather the time when democratic and enlightened Europe blessed violent change of power in one of the European countries – namely, in Ukraine, that was the threat to the world order and the order in Europe. So it is this fact that was a turning point for the European and world order," the spokesman said.

It should be recalled that Professor Georgy Satarov, the former adviser to President Boris Yeltsin, said that the annexation of Crimea and the war in the east of Ukraine would accelerate dissolution of the Russian Federation.