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Russia threatens U.S. with blacklists

The situation in Ukraine strains relations between Russia and the United States.

Russia has a blacklist with American names, against whom there may be applied sanctions, Joinfo.ua informs referring to CCTV.

Availability of the second list has not been confirmed yet. But if confirmed, it will be another spark for kindling a new political fire. Earlier, in 2011 the United States banned the entry of a number of Russians who, according to Washington, were related to the death of the Russian financier Sergey Magnitsky. In response, Russia has banned the entry to a number of people, and most importantly – banned American citizens to adopt Russian children.

The bone of contention was the USS Ross, which is now off the coast of Crimea. Last week, Russia said that Russian fighter had to escort the American destroyer out of the Russian waters. The United States denied this information.

It should be recalled that the American USS Ross guided-missile destroyer and the Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy held exercises in the Black Sea.