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Lavrov reveals ‘black list’ of Moscow

Sergey Lavrov, the Head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said whom Moscow included in its "sanctions list."

Sergey Lavrov

According to Lavrov, "unbidden" gusts in Moscow are those citizens of the European countries that "supported a coup in Ukraine" and helped to "create the conditions for the persecution of the Russians."

Lavrov also complains that the list appeared in the media. Brussels asked Russia for this document "in confidence", but the fact of its publication in the media is "a violation of ethical standards," the politician says.

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation also assured that all decisions regarding the "black list" had been thoroughly checked.

Earlier, the European media published Russian "black list", which turned out to include 89 European politicians and military commanders.

The European Union already called the document groundless and illegal, noting that the Russians did not provide any explanation of selection criteria for the defendants in the list.