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European politicians mock at Lavrov by renaming ‘black list’ into ‘club of honor’

Whatever Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov does, European politicians are proud to be included in the "black list" of the Kremlin, according to RTL.

Former Czech Foreign Minister says that he considers it as a reward, and is glad to be in such a "club of honor." And a MEP from Sweden regards her presence in the sanctions list as a proof of the fact that she does her work faithfully. The politicians, who appeared to be in the "black list" of the Kremlin, said that they were proud of becoming the members of the "very honorable club," no matter how Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov perceived it, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to RTL.

"When I saw the other names, I thought I was part of a very honorable club," RTL quotes the former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, known for his critical remarks against Moscow in connection with its policy towards Ukraine. "I see it as a reward."

Czech MEP and former journalist Jaromir Stetina also considered it an honor to be in the sanctions list in the company of colleagues from the European Parliament and other politicians, RTL reports.

"Being on this list does not change my commitment to the people of Ukraine," Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt wrote on her Twitter account, known for her criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "I feel more proud than I am afraid (…) Putin's list confirms that I do things right as a parliamentarian," she added.

It should be recalled that the list of politicians banned from entering Russia includes 89 people.