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Russia ‘secretly’ prohibits 89 European politicians to enter the country

Russia banned the entry for some European politicians in response to the EU sanctions. A copy of the list was found at the disposal of the Finnish and German media - it includes 89 names.

Russia prohibited 89 European officials to enter the country. However, in contrast to the European Union, Russia did not announce its "black list", but agreed to hand it to the EU delegation in Moscow, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Kommersant.

Moscow imposed sanctions against European politicians, officials and servicemen in response to the similar restrictions adopted by the European Union last year because of the war in Ukraine. The restrictions affected 151 people and 37 entities from Russia and Ukraine. The "black list" of the EU includes the State Duma deputies and Federation Council members, representatives of the Defence Ministry and other security agencies, as well as senior officials of the Presidential Administration. Persons, who fell under the sanctions, are banned from entering the EU and their assets there (if any are found) are to be frozen. The European Union expanded its "black list" by several rounds. Names of people and institutions under the sanctions were published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Although, Russia did not publish its "black lists". Such European officials as German MEP Rebecca Harms and Thomas Schneider, the head of the office of Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, have already been denied entry to Russia. As well as Karl-Georg Wellmann, both of them learned about the sanctions imposed against them only upon arrival in Moscow. However, after the incident with the German deputy Russian authorities softened their position: on May 27, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov admitted that Moscow would announce the names of unbidden Europeans.

Still, the Russian authorities decided not to publish its "black list," however, according to the Finnish and German media, on May 27, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent it to the EU representation in Moscow and a number of European embassies.

Earlier this week, the EU asked Moscow to make the lists of officials banned from entering Russia public, so that they do not learn about their status at the border, as it happened to the Bundestag deputy Karl-Georg Wellmann.

Karl-Georg Wellmann came to the Sheremetyevo airport last Sunday night. According to the politician, in Moscow, he was supposed to meet with Konstantin Kosachyov, the head of the international committee of the Federation Council, and presidential adviser Sergey Glazyev. However, border service officers said that he was denied entry to Russia until 2019. He also complained that the border service officers treated him "extremely unfriendly" "as if he was a criminal."