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Almost busted: LPR insolently boast Russian weapons supply

Alternatively gifted terrorists of the so-called LPR once again rat out their Moscow curators.

Thus, on May 27, the information resource of separatists entitled Luhansk Information Centre published information about the testing of the UR-07 Zmey Gorynych mine clearance system allegedly seized by militants from the Ukrainian soldiers during the battle for Debaltseve.

Separatist websites proudly tell how the "valiant militants" will deal with "Ukrainian punishers" with the help of this facility.

However, military experts have noted a significant discrepancy. This system is used only in the Russian Federation, and Russia is it's main operator. This type of facility has never been supplied to Ukraine, so the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply does not have it in its arsenal.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, after a tantrum of the Russian curators, separatists tried to remove this information from the site, but it was already spread throughout the network.

UR-07 mine clearance system is designed for paving the way on the minefields. It allows creating 6-10-meter wide and 80-meter long corridors for the movement of troops.

For vehicle disguise on the battlefield, there is set up a 902U Oblako smoke-screen system consisting of six 81-mm grenade launcher for firing smoke grenades.