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Lithuania demands Russia to explain Zhirinovsky’s another ‘whimper’ about ‘retake of Vilnius’

Vygaudas Usackas, Ambassador of the European Union to Russia, demanded Russia to express its official position in connection with public threats of the State Duma deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky to retake Vilnius and Klaipeda."

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Usackas said he asked Russia to express its official position regarding respect for the territorial integrity of Lithuania after the words of Zhirinovsky with the threats to "retake Vilnius and Klaipeda," Joinfo.ua reports referring to Delfi.

He stressed that the Foreign Ministry replied that it was "a personal opinion of Zhirinovsky."

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, announced these threats during the debate on air of the Russian TV Channel One on Wednesday after midnight, which was attended by Usackas. According to Usackas, he learned about Zhirinovsky's participation in the program just a few hours before the start of the program.

"I immediately doubted my involvement in such a clownery he usually arranges. But I did it only with respect to the invitation of the host Valery Fadeyev, which had been agreed upon for 5-6 months… Zhirinovsky was provided with exceptional place and opportunities for self-expression – he began to throw all sorts of threats "to retake Ukraine" and retake "Vilnius and Klaipeda, which do not belong to Lithuania," said Usackas.

According to him, the program is watched by millions of people, so it forms public opinion too.

It should be recalled that in April, Zhirinovsky also said that "at first, the Poles will take away a part of Ukraine, then the Hungarians, Romanians. We will take the leftovers – we are very kind. Ukraine will face division, it will not exist anymore."